The Innovation Journal

The Innovation Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed scientific journal that specializes in publishing scientific research in various specializations in the English language. It is published periodically and is supervised by a cadre of academic doctors in various specializations from various international universities.

Publishing processes for researchers are followed up according to formal and sequential rules and procedures that start from receiving the research to reviewing it and issuing approval for publication and then publishing it in the journal that is published at the beginning of each month.

The multidisciplinary Innovation Journal is a journal with distinguished scientific sobriety, built in a strictly scientific manner, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and accredited in all countries of the world.

Publishing fields and specializations:

“All specialties”

Vision and goals

Encouraging and promoting scientific research in various Arab universities and scientific research centers and providing researchers and academics with the opportunity to publish their innovations and research solutions without restrictions or difficulties.

The magazine aspires to be an extensive database that embraces all different research and studies from researchers in all Arab and international countries.

Acceptance for publication in the journal:

Within two days of sending the research to the journal, the researcher will be notified of whether or not the research will be accepted for publication based on the result of examining the research to determine its eligibility for arbitration and its suitability to publication standards. The journal then sends the research to three or more reviewers chosen by the journal from members of the scientific committee in the journal or from outside it, according to their specialization, and in a confidential manner. When the research is accepted, the publication fee in the journal is paid, which is set at 40 US dollars. The research receives final acceptance after the author makes the amendments requested by the referees, if any.

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Name: My Multidisciplinary Research Journal.

Publication model: Open access.

Abbreviation: innovatejournal

Publication frequency: monthly

Initial arbitration period: 10 days

Submitting research for arbitration and publication

Original and publishable research is sent electronically to the multidisciplinary research journal by communicating with the journal’s editors by sending a copy of the research to the journal’s email in Microsoft Word format.