Publication ethics guidelines

Principles of scientific research and publishing:

Researchers wishing to publish their research and studies in the international journal must adhere to the following:

  • Providing original research in a consistent, scientific manner that matches the specifications of peer-reviewed research, taking into account the terms and policies of publication in the journal.
  • Honesty and accuracy in documenting, analyzing, and publishing data and results.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest, such as supporting parties with a special agenda or associating with parties with special interests.
  • Contributing to community development and providing research of additional scientific value in the field of research.
  • Accuracy in documentation, citing references and attributing opinions to their owners and authors.

Publication decisions:

The editorial board is responsible for approving the publication of scientific papers submitted to the journal. Papers submitted to the journal are evaluated to ensure that they meet all standards of the terms and conditions published in the journal regardless of race, gender, religious background, ethnicity, nationality, and political philosophy. What is taken into account is the scientific value, ethical standards of the work, integrity of scientific research, language, citations, and plagiarism. The Editorial Committee is committed to improving the scientific integrity of the journal by publishing research in accordance with its importance, clarity, validity, and conformity with the terms and conditions stipulated for researchers.

Confidentiality of the information:

The Chairman and members of the Editorial Committee undertake not to disclose any information related to the documents or papers submitted to the journal except the necessary information authorized by the authors, editors, consultants, and the publisher.

Responsibilities of reviewers and arbitrators:

Contributing to publication decisions Journal reviewers help the editorial committee make appropriate decisions regarding the research and also help the author improve his or her research. The editorial committee of the journal is also committed to not revealing the names of the reviewers but with the written consent of the reviewers themselves.

Objectivity in arbitration criteria:

Objective criteria in arbitration are essential, and personal judgments toward authors should not be overlooked or ignored. The review must be supported by clear opinions and scientific arguments and must be consistent with the journal’s regulations, published standards, and terms. The journal is committed to correcting all technical errors or errors resulting from the publishing process or any amendments that the researcher may request from the journal.

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Name: My Multidisciplinary Research Journal.

Publication model: Open access.

Abbreviation: innovatejournal

Publication frequency: monthly

Initial arbitration period: 10 days

Submitting research for arbitration and publication

Original and publishable research is sent electronically to the multidisciplinary research journal by communicating with the journal’s editors by sending a copy of the research to the journal’s email in Microsoft Word format.