International Journal of Science Education

international journal of science education

The International Journal of Science Education is an authoritative voice in science education. It publishes papers that focus on the teaching and learning of science in school settings from childhood to university. It bridges the gap between research and practice through ideas and opinions. IJSE (A) accepts articles from all across the globe, with authors giving explanations of contexts and how they can help global leadership.

Applicable research relevant to educational practice, guided by educational realities in systems, schools, colleges, and universities, gets special attention at the institute. From time to time, guest-edited by one or several acknowledged experts, they give major interest to a special issue. IJSE(A) welcomes papers on science education but also accepts manuscripts related to disciplines such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or geography, social sciences, and the arts. IJSE does not consider manuscripts that concern science or general educational matters. Please reach out to the Editor-in-Chief before submitting the paper if you anticipate its publication. 

Submission Types

The journal publishes papers in several categories, which include:

Empirical research papers: empirical investigations rooted in theory and embedded in a critical review of relevant literature Manuscripts should include methodology and procedures used, analysis, drawn conclusions, educational theory and practice, and possible future research.

Position papers: Analytical, interpretive, or persuasive essays on the origin, nature, and possible address of identified problems, challenges, etc. are part of it. The focus is to promote informed dialogue about science education. Theoretical papers address the academic nature and standing of theories in research and practical education.

Comments and criticisms: It contains expressions of opinion or information related to previously published articles. The maximum number of words in this category is 2000. 

The International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education

international journal of science and mathematics education

The International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes bimonthly. Springer Science+Business Media publishes on behalf of the National Science Council of Taiwan. It covers science and mathematics education, spanning diverse topics and research methods. Cross-curricular dimensions, or those that explore the area from different cultural perspectives, get more attention at the organization.

Fou-Lai Lin (National Taiwan Normal University) established the journal in 2004. Hsin-Kai Wu (National Taiwan Normal University) is the current editor-in-chief of the journal. According to the Journal Citation Reports 2020 report, the impact factor of IJSME is 2.073. The International Journal of Math and Science Education is abstracted and indexed in:

  • Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • MathEDUC
  • Scopus
  • Social Sciences Citation Index 

Published Content 

Authors whose native language is not English also get special attention, and editors make arrangements to ensure they get the necessary support to rewrite. Contemporary educators emphasize that one domain does not limit knowledge. This concurs with the intention to make reforms in interdisciplinary and integrated curricula. Modern educational practices also encourage the use of new technology as an integrated curriculum. The International Journal of Science and Math Education pays special attention to less studied ideas.

IJSME publishes a huge variety of articles on diverse topics about both science and mathematics education. Articles that address common issues in mathematics and science education are highly welcomed at the organization. Studies that explore the use of a variety of teaching and learning strategies in different cultural and cross-cultural contexts are also published by the IJSME. 

International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology

international journal of math and science education

Mathematics pervades all areas of the modern era and brings sharper focus and responsibilities to those who teach it. The challenge of developing an interdisciplinary approach is important among them, so each professional group gets benefits from the experts. The International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology provides a forum for peer-reviewed research in mathematics education. Authors can present, assimilate, and adapt to needs in schools, colleges, universities, industry, and commerce.

The journal specifically facilitates communication between researchers and practitioners. Researchers, lecturers, teachers, and users of mathematics at all levels are welcome to contribute to the contents of courses and pedagogical approaches across all areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. They welcome a diverse and international range of submissions from all possible contributors, including teachers and early-career academics.

Mathematical models with an increasing use of technology arising from real-life situations, the use of computers, digital assistants, software, and new teaching aids and techniques are extremely important features. Discussions are encouraged on widening science and technology and supporting students in problem-solving. Contributions addressing pedagogy in biology, chemistry, computer science, business, economics and finance, data science, engineering, and physics are highly welcomed at the organization. All manuscripts are subject to the initial appraisal of the editor.

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