Journal of Peace Research

journal of peace research

The Journal of Peace Research is a peer-reviewed academic journal. It publishes scholarly articles and book reviews bimonthly. The journal primarily focuses on fields of peace and conflict studies, conflict resolution, and international security. The journal was established by Johan Galtung in 1964 and has been published since 1998. Nils Petter Gleditsch was the longest-serving editor-in-chief from 1983 to 2010.  Henrik Urdal served as an editor-in-chief between 2010-2017. Gudrun Østby (all researchers at the Peace Research Institute Oslo) is the current editor-in-chief since July 2010.

Journal of Peace Research indexing and abstracting is done in Scopus and the Social Sciences Citation Index. According to the Journal Citation Reports, 2017 the Journal of Peace impact factor is 2.419. Its rank was  14th out of 86 journals in this “International Relations” category. Its ranking in the “Political Science” category was 32nd out of 169 journals.

Journal of Peace Research is an interdisciplinary and international journal that covers scholarly articles on peace. The journal shares perspectives on peace and peacemaking, particularly focusing on the causes of violence and conflict resolution.

Journal of Peace Research Submission

Journal of Peace Research Submission

Journal of Peace Research is hosted on ScholarOne™ Manuscripts. This is a peer-reviewed web-based online submission system. The journal only receives publications via the online system. You can contact the editor of the journal at: 

PO Box 9229 Grønland, NO-0134 Oslo, Norway

Journal not only publishes cutting-edge and critical research on peace, war, and violence. They have also taken steps to lead the establishment of scientific standards for data replication in the field. These extraordinary steps have resulted in agreement with other journals to follow emerging best practices. Across interdisciplinary areas, JPR is widely followed across the globe.

Journal of Peace Research Submission Guidelines

Submissions to the Journal of Peace Research should be per JPR style. The authors will need to reivse the content as per the given guidelines in case of conditional approval.  


Use a Sage track to submit all the research. You can contact the editorial board if there’s any issue. At first submission:

  • Author details should be only provided on the title page.
  • Use the author-date citation system.
  • Include an alphabet list of references
  • Comply with the word count limit
  • Use ample line spacing
  • Include abstract

After conditional acceptance:

  • Comply with the JPR style
  • The first page should contain the name and affiliation,  abstract, keywords, and email address
  • Add replication data statement
  • Add bibliographical statement
  • Add funding statement if funded

Editorial Policies

The editorial office initially evaluates articles and decides whether to send them for peer review within three weeks. If sent to referees, the process is completed within three months. You can not do double submissions at the JPR. 

Publication process, copyright, and permissions

You can request information about color options and costs from the SAGE contact.

  • After successful approval of the article, sign the Contributor form ASAP.
  • The author receives the proof after the editing and typetesting. Unfortunately, there’s no estimated time of the process.
  • Contact the managing director for open access. 

The journal accepts regular, special data features and review essays.

Articles should have clear language understandable to international audiences. Clarity of the expression is the basic criterion and secondary is elegance in style. You can use both UK and US English. Since JPR is an international journal, authors should avoid using nationalistic language such as “us” for a group.

Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research

Journal of Aggression, Conflict, and Peace Research (JACPR) is a unique academic journal. It publishes content covering aggression, conflict, and peace research. These are often different disciplines. The approach of the journal stems from ethos. Understanding peace and conflict resolution is crucial to understanding conflict and aggression. 

JACPR publication covers international original articles and reviews papers on aspects of aggression, conflict, and peace. You can submit both academic and practice development content. Clearly state research findings with implementations for practice. JACPR publications are double-blind peer-reviewed.

JACPR’s coverage of a broad range of articles stands it apart in the marketplace. Multidisciplinary scope encompasses topics including physical and sexual aggression from individual violence to mass aggression. It also includes genocide and terrorism. Investigations on the dynamics and evolution of conflict and resolution are also part of the paper’s policies. JACPR associates with the University of Central Lancashire and Ashworth Research Centre for publication.

ISSN of the JACPR are 20428715 and 17596599. Its H-index is 19. Current editors of the journal are associate professor Philip Birch and prof Jane Ireland. Generative AI tool/LLM generated abstract or the literature review is acceptable. You should have prior permission to use some content in your manuscript.

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