journal of undergraduate research

Journal of Undergraduate Research

journal of undergraduate research

The Journal of Undergraduate Research is a peer-reviewed, annual research publication founded in 2004. The Journal of Undergraduate Research is a premier undergraduate research publication. It is published in the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame. The journal aims to disseminate the finest original research done at Notre Dame’s oldest college.

It is a student enterprise from start to finish. The editorial board is entirely comprised of undergraduates to affirm the value of undergraduate research. They strive to research and provide an authoritative medium for the university’s most erudite scholarship to promulgate within the Notre Dame community and academia at large.

The journal follows a rigorous review process to come up with the finest original research articles across all academic disciplines in our college. Furthermore, they make sure, through print and online vehicles, that content is circulated widely among the greatest number of readers.

The overall selection process follows criteria such as quality and originality of research, originality of analysis, scholarly approach, and overall clarity of expression. After the first review by a multi-tiered process by smaller groups of the editorial board, papers are debated by the board at large for final selection. Outstanding submissions are published in hard copy as well as on the website. If necessary, editors also work with authors to remove minor errors in structure, formatting, and grammar. 

American Journal of Undergraduate Research 

american journal of undergraduate research

The American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR) is a faculty-peer-reviewed, open-source, national, and independent journal. It is multidisciplinary and published quarterly. It was established in 2002. The journal aims to peer-review and publish the best manuscripts written by undergraduates and with undergraduates’ participation in print, website, and index scholarly

EBSCO and Crossref index the journal internationally. Each manuscript receives a DOI number. The entire content of the AJUR is archived by the United States Library of Congress. AJUR is a unique contributor because of its high standards for content. Each submitted article goes through a rigorous review process for ease of accessibility and professionalism.

AJUR accepts submissions outside of the USA that interests US and international readers. The print ISSN of the AJUR is 1536-4585, and the web ISSN is 2375-8732. AJUR’s editor board consists of approximately sixty professionals across different fields. As AJUR is a nonprofit, you can also consider being a sponsor.

If you do research independently, you won’t need a mentor; rather, a professional in the field can vouch for your work for peer review to ensure your research is worthy of faculty-level peer review. You can talk to a university professor to make sure your research is publishable. Your research will still be viable even after the completion of the degree. 

Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications

elon journal

The Elon Journal is the only undergraduate research journal in mass communications in the US. It focuses on undergraduate research in journalism, media, and communications.

The School of Communications at Elon University created the journal and published it online. The very first issue was published under the editorship of an associate professor in the School of Communications in the spring of 2010. Harlen Makemson, a professor in the School of Communications, has been seeing publications since the fall of 2018.

There are three purposes of the journal:

  1. Publish the best undergraduate research in Elon’s School of Communications.
  2. To serve as a repository to give advantage to future students as a model to do undergraduate research well
  3. To advance the university’s priority to maximize undergraduate student research

The Elon Journal publishes twice a year, in spring and fall. Anyone can download, reproduce, and redistribute without permission for non-commercial purposes until he/she properly cites the authors and other sources. Student authors retain the copyright of their research work. 

Journal of Undergraduate Research, UF

Journal of Undergraduate Research at UF comes once a year in the fall. It gives voice to scholars in the arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, education, STEM, and medicine. Students can submit their work with faculty or mentor approval.

The journal follows a double-blind peer-review (UF) process for each paper. Experts in the field review each submission.  If your article has what it needs, then you will need to submit a revised version. That is why authors need to provide the latest contact information. Each year, submissions open on February 15th and are due on April 1st.

Readers can get immediate access to the content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports The Center for Undergraduate Research as the publisher of the journal. Currently, enrolled undergraduate students from all majors working with faculty are welcome for publication.

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